#SRC-NETWORK Members Service Hours


  1. Do I have to be a member of the SRC NETWORK to get service hours?  YES, only active members can request credit for hours served.
  2. Can I create a club even though I only have one member, (myself)?  YES, we love our S.R. Club leaders and realize it could take some time to grow your club. 
  3. Do I have to get my club approved at school in order for it to "exist"? NO, we realize that the school approval process may take time, but that should not stop your community mindfulness initiatives! 
  4. How are the clubs in schools different from the individual clubs?  The clubs in the schools will have access to the Dignity curriculum, mental health counselors, the Calm App, and most likely have more members.   The Individual S.R. Clubs are more intimate experiences with friends and family promoting mindfulness in their daily lives.
  5. How can Individual S.R. Club Leaders get service hours?  Individual S.R. Club leaders must maintain a Youtube channel and upload videos which have tagged the S.R. Club (#SRCLUB #SocietalReform). In these videos the member must discuss the activity they are doing, when possible ask their participants to speak about their experience and the effect mindfulness is having on their day.  We give hours and credit for time you spent editing your videos as this is a service to the community, providing valuable information about self-improvement.  Example, 15 minute video of meditation with two friends, edited will give you one hour of service.   You must submit your service hour request on our website and pay the admin fee each time you make a request. We suggest you wait until you have at least 5 service hours before you make your request.
  6. Can I make a long video combining all my mindfulness experiences and then submit my hours requested?  Yes, with all requests please tell us the hours requested with a list of the activities. Also, include a link to your YouTube Video.
  7. I attend the S.R. Club at school, but I have not logged my service hours? Submit your request online along with a list of the activities and club photo. 

I want to start an individual (mindfulness only) S.R. Club for me and my friends outside of school:

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Service Hours Letter


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This is an easy way to submit proof of your hours and we can sign and send back your hours served form or send you a PDF letter acknowledging your hours. After you submit payment please email us your request forms to: and put SERVICE HOURS in the subject.